Heal the Issues That Keep You Up at Night

Do you live your life repeating the same habits that stop you from reaching your goals? Does it feel like you’re just living each day to survive it? Have you tried to break free of your negative behaviors, but nothing seems to work?

If so, I’m glad you’ve found my website. For the past 10 years, I have practiced a specific form of holistic psychotherapy: Healing from the Body Level Up™ or HBLU™.

As a trained and licensed clinical psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist, I had both seen and experienced a range of therapeutic techniques, but it was my own experience with HBLU™ that made me realize its unprecedented results. While talking about your problems can be cathartic and increase awareness, it is not particularly reliable for getting desired results.  What I love about holistic psychotherapy and HBLU™ is that it is reliable for getting results because it takes people past talking and through to true healing by using mind-body methods that really work.

Are you ready to break free from “just surviving”? Do you want to experience the love and happiness that seem to be eluding you? Do you want to heal those traumas that are stopping you from being successful? Please call me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation and take the first step to living a life you truly love.


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Recent Testimonial

“HBLU has essentially changed my life. After one important intervention, my anxiety level dropped from a 10 down to a 1. An amazing sense of peace and calm came over me, such as I have never known in my life. This is life-changing work and I am so grateful to have found it.”

–Michelle, LMFT

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Amy St. Hilaire, MA LMFT
P: 949-929-5470
27791 La Paz Road
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