Can I Heal My Fibromyalgia? 5 Things You Need to Know

The first thing I want my readers to know that I believe it’s possible to heal many things, especially and including fibromyalgia in many cases. Many doctors and health practitioners are not really certain what causes fibromyalgia, and different people have different symptoms that are called “fibromyalgia” when other, more serious conditions are ruled out. This is the first in a series of blogs about fibromyalgia, what causes it and how I can help heal it.

If you find yourself with fibromyalgia, I want you to know that there are a lot of things you can do to manage it, so your life is more comfortable, and eventually heal it. I, myself, had fibromyalgia for 10-11 years, and for the first part of that span of time I wasn’t even aware that what I had was fibromyalgia. Over time I spoke with doctors and found out that fibromyalgia was what I was dealing with.

Fibromyalgia often is accompanied by a low-grade depression, which can make it an even harder condition to deal with. What I want people to know is that, although some people don’t know how to heal it or don’t know what’s involved with healing it, the most helpful thing you can do for yourself with fibromyalgia is to get a really good set of self-care activities and routines—and listen to your body.

Think about it…if you’re walking down the street and you feel something in your eye, the whole world STOPS. Everything else is halted while you check to see if something has gotten into your eye. Another example is if you have a panic attack while driving on the freeway, you’re probably not going to be driving for much longer, as the attack will force you to pull over.

So again, the body rules. If you have a fibromyalgia flare-up, you probably need to cut back, limit or stop what you’re doing and take some rejuvenation time. This rejuvenation time is when you should indulge in your set of self-care activities, and other things to limit the severity and time span of your flare-up.

The most important thing you can know if you have fibromyalgia, is that it is not in your head. Often times, healthcare practitioners will ask you if you have been under stress. This implies it is “just stress” and if you chill out, you will feel fine. Many times when people with these conditions hear these comments about their condition, that it’s “just” stress-related or due to an emotional problem, they walk away thinking: “Does this doctor think I’m crazy?” or “Does he think that this is all in my head?”

I want to spell out very, very clearly that this is not the case at all. I know this from personal experience and from discussing it with clients who also have had fibromyalgia…it comes from a combination of many things.

In my experience, there always seems to be an emotional, stress or trauma component, an environmental/toxins component, a nutritional component and potentially a viral component from a past infection. These all come together in a type of “perfect storm” to create this truly achy body. Although stress and emotional blockage is part of fibromyalgia, it helps create very real physical pains, including joint stiffness, plantar fascitis, brain fog, headaches, loss of grip strength, muscle weakness and so on.

Not only have I healed myself of fibromyalgia, but the method I have been using with clients for the past 16 years, Healing from the Body Level Up, is perfect for getting to the emotional event or trauma that is at the root of these very real, and very painful, symptoms. The protocol I use to help others heal includes addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the dis-ease. We use Healing from the Body Level Up (, doTERRA essential oils and analgesic anti-inflammatory supplements, gentle and safe detoxification and immune and nutritional support.

Are you currently affected by fibromyalgia, or know someone who is? Let me help start the healing process. Please call me for a short, initial consultation or email me at to make an appointment. Remember that HBLU works just as well over the phone or video conference. If your family member or friend is in another state or time zone, have them call me for a free initial phone consultation. 949-929-5470

And check back next week for the continuation in this multi-part series on fibromyalgia!

Amy St. Hilaire