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It’s Time To Level Up


Transformational Life Coaching

As good and great as things get, things can always get even better. We are never fully evolved, but we can keep transforming. To me, that is sweetly hopeful and INSPIRING. Let's do this. Dig Deep. Discover. Dig it Out. Say goodbye to what holds you back from creating your one true life, your optimal health and fulfilling your true mission.

Transformational Health Coaching

Total Transformation is a matter of aligning, mind, BODY and spirit. Bringing your best to your relationships, team, business and life requires you bring the best to yourself. Let’s provide the body and your brain what it needs to function optimally. This will include nutrition, exercise, supplements, coaching and more.

Transformational Impact

Do you long to make more of an impact? Do you love holistic health & wellness either because it is your career or because it is your passion? Working with individuals one-on-one for 20 years, I decided to expand my reach by developing my own team of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates who are able to change lives one drop, one family at a time. Maybe you want to join us.

Hello, I’m Amy.

“When I am gone, I want people to say, ‘She transformed lives and developed leaders.’


Are You Ready For More?

If you are looking to UPLEVEL your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health - this work is for YOU.

You are ready if you:

  • desire mastery over your emotions.

  • aspire to hold yourself in high vibration no matter the circumstance around you.

  • know the importance of self-care.

  • make time to work on your best self.

  • want someone who will be your champion.

  • want to build your life after so many years building your career.

  • need to take care of things that have gotten pushed aside.

  • strive to lead your best life with yourself, family, team, customers, and community.

You know if this is for you. You know if this is something to share with your loved one or your employee, adult child or business partner. I’m here when you want to connect and get started.

All my love,



Amy is MAGIC! Amy is a gifted and talented coach that is committed to your healing in all levels- mind, body and spirit. After working with Amy, I’ve been able reach many of my goals in a timely and efficient manner. Amy’s intuition is an asset in working with her, allowing us to get to the heart of what I needed quickly and in a way that I felt heard and validated. Amy has also helped my family using essential oils to help us feel better, stronger and healthier. Amy is a joy to work with- her enthusiasm is contagious!
— Chrissy | Business Owner, Psychotherapist and Mother
Working with Amy was truly life-altering, as she was able to help me see some of my problems from very different perspectives, and to clear them without years of therapy. I’m eternally grateful for the insights and strength I gained from our time working together.
— Jennifer | Healer and Mother
Working with Amy helped me understand the kind of person I am, the way I deal with situations and emotions, and how to identify and deal with my triggers. We were able to clear things that I had been carrying around for a lifetime, that held me back from being the kind of person I wanted to be. She helped me understand real fear as opposed to something that I made up, or had taken to an extreme, that was not serving me. I love her quick and easy processes and that we didn’t dwell on issues - we were able to clear them and move on effectively and efficiently. Because of working with her my life opened up, my possibilities and my heart opened up. I forgave myself and others. I’m able to see my triggers and emotional blocks before they consume me. I don’t hold on to negativity and fear like I use to. Amy is an amazing, vibrant, dynamic person who spreads good in the world. Anyone who works with her will be enriched with the holistic tools and treasures she shares.
— Taite | Entrepreneur, Mother & All Around Badass (It's true.)
Working with Amy over a course of several months I was able to get to the root cause of undesirable behaviors through the identification of before then unknown limiting belief systems and emotional blockages. Through the course of acknowledging these limiting beliefs and Amy helping me to allow myself the grace to process and work through years of repressed emotions I quickly felt and saw an improved sense of well-being. Within the first session I was able to take a deep restorative breath for the first time in almost 20 years and my sleep improved almost immediately. Amy’s holistic approach to total wellness which includes aromatherapy, visualization and EFT greatly supported my emotional release process and allowed me to move forward in my own life and help others realize theirs. I am eternally grateful to Amy and the work that she does, everyone needs a wellness coach in their corner and I am honored that Amy is mine. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve themselves, but are seemingly ‘stuck.’
— Kery Baily | Wellness Coach and Senior Executive at a Fortune 500 Company
Working with Amy helped me to clear blocks that held me back in both my personal and professional life for decades. As a result of our work together I feel a greater sense of self-acceptance and peace in my daily life, and the anxiety, doubt, and perfectionism that plagued me in my work have been significantly reduced. Amy is a caring and enthusiastic coach who has blessed my life with her compassion and powerfully transformative process.
— Noel | Elementary School Teacher
“You are always my champion! Whether it be a business idea or working hard to help my daughter thrive, you always believe in me and are there to cheer me on and make things happen!”
— Lisa | Entrepreneur and Mother

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