What drives people is passion and purpose.

Studies show that it is not the amount of money or the titles or status you acquire, but the impact you make that determines your happiness. The most engaged, joyful people are part of something larger, contributing to the greater good. For each person, this may be different. Some people find purpose ministering to those less fortunate. Some people find joy in being part of a spiritual community or church where they gather to learn, grow and serve. Some people’s careers are focused on making a positive impact in the lives of others directly: health care professionals, healers, teachers, public servants to name a few. Some people may not have found their “thing” yet. Their thing that makes them sing, feel proud and get up each day happy to “go to work.”

What I want you to think about is, “What is the impact I am making? Is it something I am proud of?”

“What is the legacy I am leaving? It is big enough?”

I usually work with people who either know their mission and are looking to do it better OR are searching for their mission, their purpose, their tribe. I have helped people my entire 20-year career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am proud of the individuals and couples and families I have helped.

Just around the time I was looking to expand my impact and reach more people, I came across dōTERRA. Incorporating dōTERRA into my coaching brings me a new found joy because I get to work on the physical level with people more directly. I get to partner with people all over the world and create a team of people who help people with their health. This is 4 years new for me and I love it! I get to develop my leadership skills and use my Spanish as I work with teammates in Mexico and the Latino community. I get to offer people an opportunity to improve their health and make a larger impact helping others. I get to offer people the opportunity to find a meaningful vocation, get out of debt and create financial security doing something they believe in with a company they trust.

dōTERRA’s ten-year vision is to DISRUPT HEALTHCARE. People turn to dōTERRA as a business when:

  • They have seen firsthand the effects of our broken health care system and long for a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

  • They want to have a larger sense of purpose in their career.   

  • They have always wanted to run a business but didn’t have the high startup cost it takes.

  • They crave autonomy to create their life.

  • They want more money for vacations, investments, supplemental income, college fund, pay off debt or shore up retirement.

  • They love the product and are telling people anyway so they might as well be making money.

  • They hear the words “Healthcare Revolution” and get excited.

Most people want to know just out of curiosity how the business works. I’m not really doing my job if I don’t offer. It would be like if I were sitting with you eating a delicious brownie and oohing and ahhhing at how good it tasted and didn't even offer you a bite! Rude. When I offer to sit down with you to tell you about the business, it’s like I’m offering you a bite of the best brownie I’ve ever eaten. I’m having the time of my life mastering knew knowledge and skills, being part of a larger community with a big mission and doing it at my pace, on my time, however I want to do it.

If you have the desire to know more, let’s talk. We will set a 45-minute appointment to go over what is involved, what you would want to get out of out of the business and how people usually get started.