You Don't Want to Heal

You Don’t Want to Heal

I like helping people get to the real causes of fibromyalgia underneath the symptoms because this is where lasting transformation and healing occur.

Over the years, I have spoken with people who were referred to me or found me online and they were perfect candidates to dig in and do this work. I love nothing better than to run alongside people who want to work into a better future. Many times when there is a chronic mind-body health condition, people said they have to think about it or they aren’t sure or want to look into a therapy they have considered for a long time but for some reason now, talking with me describing a proven multi-component protocol, they wanted to try that one “other thing” that was about alleviating symptoms.

What is that phenomenon?  I have to be completely and utterly honest with you. Conversations like this are discouraging. The worst part of a chronic condition is people often will refuse to do the very thing that will really work to make them better. I have also seen people make enormous strides then revert. 

What is happening?  It’s almost as if people don’t want to get better.  Is that it? You don’t want to get better?

STOP. I’m gonna have to STOP you right there. That is rude.  Though people might draw that conclusion, it’s flat out wrong. 

What I need to people to understand is everyone wants to feel well.  Sometimes I hear the spouse of a person who has fibromyalgia or really, ANY PROBLEM that is not getting better, say things like, “She doesn’t want to get better.” “She’s comfortable in her pain/dysfunction.” 

That is what it can look like on the SURFACE. But we know better.  That’s like saying the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the water is all that’s there.  You know this: We have an unconscious mind.  However, it does not always line up with our surface mind, our conscious awareness, dreams, goals, hopes and desires.  Our unconscious mind can sabotage our best laid plans.

Everyone wants to heal. Human beings over the world all want just about the same things: to be happy, to be safe, to be healthy. Same here: PEOPLE WITH CHRONIC PAIN DO WANT TO BE HAPPY, SAFE AND HEALTHY.  

So what is happening when someone consciously says they want more than anything to feel well, but they don’t want to do what needs to be done?  Or they say they want to do what needs to be done then don’t.

Those are the demotivating negative emotions and unconscious patterns, of which there are many.  They sabotage people’s stated desires.  Think of how many times people state an intention to lose weight or exercise and then sabotage it. They “can’t” find the time to exercise or they get injured or they eat junk. Their conscious mind is not doing this. It is the unconscious.

These are the most common, emotions and typically unconscious obstacles to tackling chronic conditions to improve them greatly or resolve them entirely:

“No doctor has told me I can get better, so why even try?”  The demotivating emotion here is DESPAIR. With despair there is very little hope, so what’s the use? 

“While I trust there may be things out there that can help me, I don’t trust me.  Feeling this bad and being depressed on top of it makes it really hard to follow through and do what it takes, so why bother even starting?”  The demotivating emotions here are FEAR of DISAPPOINTMENT and FUTILITY.   

“I’ve tried so many things and nothing’s worked for me.”  AKA the unconscious pattern that blocks any treatment, supplement and etc. from working. “There has not yet been created a therapy, medicine or healing modality that can help me because I am so __________.” Common things people fill that statement in with are: damaged, sick, broken, beyond repair, too far gone, defective, unique, complex, etc.  And why wouldn’t you feel this way if you had not found what worked to help you feel better?  If this pattern has been running as you’ve tried new modalities, it’s been sabotaging your results and needs to be cleared out so things can work for you! 

For me, the gamechager to healing my fibro was realizing how my conscious and unconscious were at odds.  It took a while for me to accept that our unconscious mind is running the show very often. The patterns we know of that sabotage people are many and they are fascinating. When I found Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU) in 2003, i was elated. I’ve trained practitoners from all over to use this modality and it makes me happy to be able to help people be happy, safe and healthy, even if it take some digging and some detective work. Putting the puzzle together to unlock the body’s own ability to heal is a blessing and a privilege. I’ve got more and more information to share with you.  Stay tuned. 

Amy St. Hilaire